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Warehouse & Storage

Qube Stage 1
Lots 1 to 3 Mramats Road, East Arm, Darwin NT

The Qube Stage 1 Project in Darwin (NT) was a highly successful project for Bess Concrete that allowed us to demonstrate our ability to deliver projects efficiency and on time with the highest quality achieved.

Qube Stage 1   Qube Stage 1  
Qube Stage 1
Qube Stage 1 Qube Stage 1
Qube Stage 1 Qube Stage 1
Qube Stage 1 Qube Stage 1

The scope of work for Bess Concrete included;

  • 15,500m2 of external post tension slabs
  • 450m2 of external conventional slabs
  • The project had a total of 4,900m3 of concrete

To deliver a successful project in Darwin during the months of October, November and December careful planning and execution was required to evade the adverse weather conditions that can be experienced.

The quality of work was on par with Bess’s high standards and is considered even more remarkable as the project was over 3,000km away from the Bess Concrete office.


Qube Stage 1

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