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Welcome to Bess Concrete

Bess Concrete Pty Ltd, established in 1990, is a leader in commercial and industrial concrete construction. By utilizing the latest concreting technology, equipment and methods, we are able to ensure the highest quality standards, efficiency and reliability are maintained on all our projects. We have always strived to exceed the expectations of our clients by maintaining construction programs, without compromising quality.

Bess Concrete offers a wide range of concrete services in Brisbane, Queensland and inter-state, specialising in concrete flatwork (F - Number specified floors). Our proven track record of excellence and reliability has been built on attention to detail, professionalism, competitive pricing, and strong and long-lasting relationships.

We welcome the opportunity to show you our range of concrete equipment, technology and construction services. Our professional teams have the knowledge and experience for virtually every type of project conceivable from light commercial to heavy industrial.

Dedication to Quality

  • Experienced crew supported by excellent project managers
  • Continual investment in staff training and development
  • Attention to detail is ingrained in the organisational culture
  • Long lasting customer relationships are evidence of the quality of work and our professional approach
  • Winners of multiple awards for our quality work

utilising Latest Technology & Methods

  • Our strategy is to lead the concrete industry by investing in latest technology and equipment
  • Specialise in concrete flatwork utilising the F-Number system to deliver the highest quality and flattest floors
  • Certified and registered Dipstick 2722 operators through the Face Company of Norfolk, Virginia
  • Certified Concrete Flatwork Technicians & Flatwork Finishers by the American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Efficiency & Reliability

  • Proven pedigree to maintain construction programs without compromising quality
  • Identify cost savings for our clients through our knowledge and expertise
  • Shorter lead times and lower costs for materials, due to our long lasting relationships with material suppliers

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