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Equipment Overview

  Somero SXP Laser Screed

Somero SXP Laser Screed

The Somero SXP laser screed enables precision concrete screeding, to achieve the best results quickly and efficiently, for the most demanding of applications.
Somero S485 Laser Screed  
The S-485 is a ride-on four-wheel drive model that can screed in any direction and is easy-to-operate. With the versatility to be utilized as a Laser Screed® machine or a Laser Controlled Rake, the S-485 provides simple, fast, and accurate results whether you are screeding concrete or prepping the subgrade – fully integrated with our 3d Profiling System

Somero Copperhead Laser Screed Somero Copperhead Laser Screed  
The Somero laser screed helped revolutionise the entire process of concrete placement. The Copperhead is a smaller machine that can reach places that the 'big screeds' cannot.
Somero PowerRake Somero PowerRake  
Less labour is needed to move concrete into place. Used alongside the Copperhead screed for ultimate flat floor results.
Ride on Trowel Machines Ride on Trowel Machines  
Ride on panners and finishing machines, enable Bess Concrete to give clients the flattest floors possible..
Walk behind Trowel Machines Walk Behind Trowel Machines  
Conventional walk behind trowel machines, used for power floating concrete.
Dipstick 2272 Floor Profiler Dipstick 2272 Floor Profiler  
Reconised worldwide as the instrument for accurate and instant FF (floor flatness) and FL (floor levelness) measurements.
Trimble LM80 Layout Manager Trimble LM80 Layout Manager  
The Trimble LM80 has the ability to setout entire projects within hours, not days. Layout of control points, checking or tying into property boundaries, layout of excavation lines, layout of concrete forms and anchor bolts.


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